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Holden FC Special Black over Cape Ivory

1:18 Diecast Model

Holden FC Special Black over Cape Ivory

This 1:18 scale model has been released by Classic Carlectables and has been oversold so they will be in short supply.

We have a couple available and you can get one here!

Model number is 18568 and it is priced at $230.

This diecast model has fully opening doors, bonnet and boot.

This is a limited edition of 1000.

The Holden FC was a great achievement for Holden,
introduced on the 6th of May 1958.
The model was extremely popular, at its peak it had over 50%
of the market share.
The production of the FC was also the first time Holden
had produced more than 100,000 units in a year.

Holden created another major milestone with the FC when
on October 22nd 1958 it became the 5000,000 Holden produced.

2014 Bathurst Pole Sitter VF Commodore van Gisbergen/Webb

Stock of this model arrived last week but we had sold out so have bought some more.

The model number is B18H14D and this 1:18 scale model is priced at $165.

This model is diecast with fully opening doors and bonnet. The boot is closed.

Limited to 504.

Get in quick to avoid disappointment.

1974 Ford XA Falcon Superbird Polar White/Cosmic Blue

1:18 Diecast Model

1974 Ford XA Superbird – Polar White / Cosmic Blue

Stock of this 1:18 scale model will arrive this week and we have a couple available to purchase.

The model number is A72728 and it is priced at $215.

Grab your one now.

The Australian arm of the Ford Motor Company has one of the world’s most enviable reputations for producing the unique ‘Australian’ brand of motor vehicle. Many punters would argue that the GTHO’s were the defining point of the Australian produced muscle car, but there are others who believe that the makings of Ford Australia becoming a truly unique local brand was the inception of the Ford XA Falcon. Up until the 1970’s, Ford was still run with very close ties to Ford America, with many of the cars being designed with heavy American influences. The XA Falcon bucked this trend because it was a fully Australian designed model. This new car was introduced to the Australian public in 1972, and the GT Hardtop was quite a powerful edition.

Despite this, in 1973 Ford decided to give the XA some extra street cred and added a few embellishments to the model to create a show car for Melbourne Motor Show. The result was the XA Falcon Superbird. This silver beast was easily identifiable due to the giant orange bird graphic which took up the majority of the car’s sides. The interior was given a splash of colour also with red and grey being the colours of the hour but the majority of the rest of the car remained in its usual GT running gear. Motoring enthusiasts certainly stood up and took notice of this car and due to the fanfare, Ford decided to produce a limited run of the model. Some punters argue that the production version released by Ford was a step down from the original showcar, while others argue that it was more refined, and much nicer on the eye. In any case, the giant bird graphic which adorned the sides of the showcar was removed, replaced with a much smaller, and more subtle version on the back rear quarters of the car.

This coupled with a slightly smaller V8 engine than what was advertised to be in the showcar concept was the source of many discussions. However, these changes didn’t seem to affect anyone from opening their wallets though, with Ford selling a reputed 700 units of the production model.The Superbird signalled a real coming of age for the Australian motor industry, with numerous manufacturers taking the Superbird’s lead with respect to looks and performance. The development process behind the 1:18 Scale Superbird model is quite extensive because it isn’t as simple as just ‘repainting’ a GT Hardtop. Some changes that have been made to produce this model accurately include new front quarter panels, bonnet, air filter, front grille, steering wheel, seats, door trims, and rear window louvers.

These additional features combined with the features you would expect such as fully opening parts, high detail and impressive finishing makes this model an impressive collectors item for Ford fans and muscle car collectors alike so place


1:18 Diecast Model

Holden HK Monaro GTS Street Machine – Wraith White with Black Stripes

This model was released earlier but we had sold out.

We have managed to get some extra stock and they are available now.

The model number is A72440 and it is priced at $230. Get one here!

The HK was the original Monaro and was introduced to Australia in the month of July in 1968. The gorgeous, free flowing 2-door, pillarless hard top coupe was without a doubt a beautiful car and is still adored by Holden fans and Australian Muscle Car enthusiasts to this very day.

Such was it’s popularity and critical acclaim, the HK range (which consisted of the basic Monaro, the GTS and the GTS327 won the Wheels Car of the Year award in early 1969. Our 1:18 “Revenant” Street HK obviously has many other modern additions to it compared to that of the original 1968 version in stock running gear. The metallic Wraith White colour scheme is a very subtle and clean colour for this brute of a car and it works perfectly with the custom cream interior. It certainly isn’t a wild colour scheme but without a doubt, it is strikingly beautiful and will contrast very well when sitting alongside the previously released HT version.

Similarly to the HT, the HK includes a Supercharged V8 engine, quick shifter, gauges and customised number plates. As with the HT, we have again gone a step further with the HK and have included additional new tooling modifications including the engine air filters, larger wheels and tyres, modern big brakes, revised exhaust system and custom suspension modifications for the ultimate low rider height.

The wheels in particular are an interesting feature and are a modern interpretation of the classic wheel styles found on Monaros back in the day. The combination of the large wheels and low ride height gives this street machine an impressive and intimidating stance which will look amazing when on display in collections.


Biante V8 Supercar Update Email from Biante

Yesterday we received this email from William Hall at Biante.

I am posting this to keep everyone up to date with happenings.

” It’s with regret I am having to write to you again regarding a poor quality delivery of a couple of our V8 Supercars.  Last time it was the 2014 Lockwood Commodore and this time it’s in relation to the two 2014 Erebus Mercedes models.

Unfortunately, the quality of these cars is far below the standard we expect and we will be destroying all of the stock received and will be remaking these two models.

About two months ago we moved all of our V8 Supercar tooling (Holden and Erebus, 1:18th and 1:43rd) to a new factory and I am pleased to say that we are all very impressed with the quality of the samples we have seen.  I have attached some prototype images.  This new factory  is far more tampo-print focussed which I’m sure will please all collectors, and will cure the majority of the issues we have experienced to date.  Obviously not all designs can be tampoed due to the nature of the graphics on race cars these days, but wherever possible, they are using Tampo.

From this new factory we will see all of the 2015 V8 Supercars we have either announced, or intend to produce.  These are:

–    #2 and #22 HRT Test Livery

–    #2 and #22 HRT Townsville Retro Livery

–    #8 Team BOC

–    #9 Erebus Motorsport V8

–    #14 Freightliner Racing

–    #18 Walkinshaw Performance

–    #47 Supercheap Auto Racing

–    #97 Team Darrell Lea STIX

–    #222 Repair Management Australia Racing

Other cars may be added to this list as the year progresses.

As advised we will be remaking:

–    2014 #14 Lockwood Racing

–    2014 #4 Erebus Motorsport V8

–    2014 #9 Erebus Motorsport V8

Biante sincerely apologise for the delays with these products.


Kind regards,

William Hall

General Manager”