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1978 Bathurst A9X Torana Morris/Fitzpatrick

This 1:18 scale model has just been announced and is able to be preordered now.

The model number is 18698 and it is priced at 270

Email Us to place your preorders and please include your phone number.

Preorders close Friday 31st May 2019


Features of the Model:

Opening doors and bonnet.
Racing interior, engine and chassis.
Individually numbered edition plate.
Opening fuel hatch.
Unique seat and door trim
Functioning steering wheel

1985 Bathurst Holden VK Commodore Peter Brock and David Oxton

On special for May we have the following Brock/Oxton VK from Bathurst 1985.

It was originally $240 but you can grab one now for $199.

These will sell quickly so grab one now to avoid disappointment.


1985 Bathurst Holden VK Commodore Peter Brock and David Oxton

18319 $199

In 1985 Australian touring car racing ran under International Group A formula, rather than the indigenous Group C regulations that had been in force since 1973. This led indirectly to the Holden Commodores becoming less competitive against the imported Nissans, Volvos, BMWs and Jaguars.
The 1985 Bathurst 1000 was not one of Brock’s nine wins; it was a race that was always going to prove difficult up against the best Group A cars from Europe. However, the hard-charging Brock, whose progress had twice been interrupted by pit stops to remove a broken windscreen and later to dislodge the rear window, was steadily making inroads on the leading John Goss Jaguar XJ-S. Despite only one win during the season, Brock nearly pulled off an upset podium, but his magnificent drive came to nothing just three laps from the chequered flag, when a timing chain broke while running a strong second.
1985 turned out to be the worst Bathurst result for Holden in history.




AR81602 $240

This 1:18 scale model has just been released and is able to be purchased now.


We only have one left so if you are after one grab it now before it is gone.

Any Australian motoring enthusiast would be familiar with the HSV nameplate. Established in 1987, the official performance arm of Holden have been producing wild, spine tingling variants of Holden road cars for almost 30 years now. Perhaps one of the most conic HSV names to have ever been produced is the Clubsport. Starting from all the way back in 1990 with the VN range.
The Gen-F HSV range was introduced by HSV in 2013 after the launch of the new Holden VF Commodore. It brought in a more subtle level of styling compared to the more visually aggressive outgoing E3 models.

Gen-F’s benefitted from a vast array of improvements including feature keyless entry/starting, parking sonar (front and rear), rear camera, blind spot assist, rear cross traffic alert, auto parking and auto electronic park brake. And those were just the base driver aids and safety features!

There were also many improvements to the electronic vehicle performance systems, and mechanically, there were 4 different engine specifications with the 317, 325, and 340kw combo’s featured on the Clubsport, Senator, Grange, and Maloo’s. With the GTS packing the fire breathing supercharged 430kw LSA.
Also upgraded were the brake packages on all models plus new Continental tyres across the whole range.

The 1:18 Scale replica of this model is an exceptional collector’s piece. Produced in sealed body resin the first thing you notice upon inspection is its significant quality of craftsmanship. The body lines are beautifully replicated on this model given the way it has been produced with the door gaps and joins between the panels looking as realistic as possible. The model includes a number of very nice features including the badge work, metal etched grille in the front bumper assembly along with the metal etched side vent, and the new wheels are presented extremely well.

Despite being a sealed body model, no shortcuts have been taken with replicating the interior of this model. Upon looking through the clear windows you can see a very high attention to detail right down to the dashboard instrumentation and logos. Last but not least, the Perfect Blue colour scheme simply looks phenomenal and finishes the model superbly well.
The 1:18 Scale Gen-F Clubsport R8 is a must have model for Holden and HSV fans alike. It will be produced in a limited edition number and will come with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.


1:18 Autoart announcements from Biante

The following models have been announced and are able to be preordered now.

Use the email links below to place your preorders and please include a phone number.

Preorders close Friday 10th May


 Holden HG Monaro Street Machine "Phantom"- Chrome Mist

Holden HG Monaro Street Machine “Phantom”- Chrome Mist

A73406 $270

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Biante Model Cars are extremely excited to present the long-awaited 1:18 scale Holden HG Monaro GTS Street Machine in Chrome Mist with black interior. This will be our third first generation Monaro street machine adding to our previous HK and HT versions released a few years ago. Many collectors asked if we could produce an HG version and we’re proud to finally reveal it to complete the set!

Many would argue the Holden Monaro is one of the greatest muscle cars that Australia has ever produced. Beginning with the HK series which was released in 1968, the HG was the third and final incarnation of the original Monaro shape and was released in 1970. The HG Monaro was in fact the last Monaro released in Australia as part of the first generation of releases and was the last of the original coupe design and body shell.

Our 1:18 “Phantom” Street HG obviously has many other modern additions to it compared to that of the original 1970 version with stock running gear. The special satin chrome finish gives the model an incredible ‘bare body’ appearance that works perfectly with the black interior and retro wheels. It certainly fits the modern custom car style of the moment and will contrast very well when sitting alongside the previously released HK and HT editions.

As with the HK and HT, the HG also includes a supercharged V8 engine, quick shifter, gauges, customised number plates, larger retro wheels and tyres, modern big brakes, revised exhaust system and custom suspension. This combination of features together with the low ride height gives this street machine an impressive and intimidating stance which will look amazing when on display in your collection.

Our striking HG Street Machine should be a very popular model with Holden and custom car collectors alike so please place your order for this model to ensure you don’t miss out.


 Ford XA Falcon GT Sedan – Blaze Blue

Ford XA Falcon GT Sedan – Blaze Blue

A72787 $270
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(Brand new composite tooling – Fully opening parts)

Biante Model Cars are proud to present our first 1:18 Scale Ford XA Falcon GT sedan. This edition in the incredible Blaze Blue with White Interior.

Up until 2016 the Australian arm of the Ford Motor Company had one of the world’s most enviable reputations for producing the unique ‘Australian’ brand of motor vehicle. Many punters would argue that the GTHOs were the defining point of the Australian produced muscle car, but there are others who believe that the makings of Ford Australia becoming a truly unique local brand with the inception of the Ford XA Falcon.

Up until the 1970s, Ford was still run with very close ties to Ford America, with many of the cars being designed with heavy American influences. The XA Falcon bucked this trend because it was a fully Australian-designed model. This new car was introduced to the Australian public in 1972, and was a totally new shape and style in comparison to the previous XY Falcon.

Featuring a larger body and a longer list of options than what was previously available in the market, the XA was an entirely different beast. The GT model was introduced in early 1972 powered by a 351 cubic inch 5.8 litre Cleveland V8 and was offered in gorgeous paint combinations in both sedan and hardtop body configurations.

This particular Blaze Blue replica is another fantastic model produced by Autoart. It will be produced in the new composite tooling with fully opening parts, high detail and beautiful finishing throughout. If you’re a fan of the blue oval then this will be a great addition to your collection.

Produced in an exclusive limited edition with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity this is a model that shouldn’t be missed.




This 1:18 scale sealed resin model has been announced and you can preorder it now.

The model number is BR18601A and it is priced at $295

Preorders close Friday 10/5/19 and a phone number is required.

Use this link to place your orders. Preorder Now


Project Sandman was the ultimate tribute to a Holden that held a special place in the hearts and minds of Australia’s car-loving population.
2014 marked the 40th anniversary of the 1974 release of Holden’s Sandman, a special version of its panel van aimed directly at the youth market, a car that perfectly complemented Australia’s beach-bound lifestyle.
To mark the occasion, Holden-backed Supercars Championship team Triple Eight Race Engineering created the Project Sandman Tribute Edition, revealed on the eve of that year’s Gold Coast 600.
The project had started in April 2014, Triple Eight working in conjunction with the GM Holden Design Department. On the outside it looked every bit the panel van it paid homage to – right down to a pair of carbon fibre surfboards on the roof!
But beneath the bodywork lurked a real, pure-bred racing machine. Underpinning the Sandman exterior was one of Triple Eight’s former race cars; in fact, it was the chassis of the very Holden Commodore VF that Jamie Whincup had raced to eight victories during the 2013 championship season!
“We’re here after six months of development to reveal our secret project and what an honour to be a part of a Tribute Edition Sandman and have it race around the track this weekend,” Whincup said at the time.
“The heart and soul of the car is a V8 Supercar and it’s an absolute rocket!”
Despite its retro styling, the former race car had also received a couple of technical upgrades. Gone was the sequential gearshift lever, replaced by paddles on the back of the steering wheel. The throttle cable was also replaced by an F1-inspired electronic fly-by-wire arrangement.
The original 5.0-litre Supercars-spec engine was also soon replaced by a 5.7-litre unit capable of producing over 700 horsepower, with a range of guests having the opportunity to belt in alongside Triple Eight drivers for hot laps in the impressive beast.
As with all Biante scale models, these items will come with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity with the 1:18 in our special premium packaging.
Overall this famous car of Australian motor racing is shaping up to be a must have and given it will be produced in a limited edition, it’s one that shouldn’t be missed.


Holden HSV Announcements from Biante

The following Holden HSV models have just been announced in 1:18 scale and are able to be preordered now.

Preorders close Friday 10th May 2019 and a phone number is required.

Links are provided below to place your preorders. Please do not reply to this email as it comes from an attended email address.


Holden HSV GTSR W1 Light My Fire

Holden HSV GTSR W1 Light My Fire

B182817C $199

Preorder 1/18


Holden HSV GTSR Spitfire Green

Holden HSV GTSR Spitfire Green

B182917B $199

Preorder 1/18

Featuring fully-opening diecast tooling, with detailed engine bays, undercarriage and interiors, these models have been a labour of love for over a year here at Biante and we’re excited to finally reveal them.

Similar to the 1:12 scale versions revealed last year, the 1:18s have been developed directly from the genuine HSV CAD data and are as accurate in shape as possible in model form. Further to this, we’ve also added all the extra details required for a fully-opening model. The engine bays have been faithfully and extensively replicated. The incredible LS9 in the W1 has extra wiring and hose detail, while the GTSR features the iconic red engine cover now so synonymous with the LSA engine.

That’s not all though. The interiors have also been an area of focus. The W1 and GTSR logos are proudly displayed on each respective model with perhaps the most impressive being the sill plates. This was an area previously left hidden on the 1:12 versions, but now with the doors opening, they become an impressive feature.

On top of all these new details, we of course haven’t forgotten the other differences that distinguish the W1 from the GTSR, such as the Pirelli P-Zero tyres, carbon fibre detailing and W1 badging. We’ve even gone so far that if you turn the W1 model over you will see the dry sump of the fire-breathing LS9 engine!

Produced in high quality, fully-opening diecast, the 1:18 GTSR and GTSR W1 are exquisitely-crafted collectables. They will be produced to order and as with all Biante 1:18 scale limited edition models, these items will come with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.