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Livestock Road Train Barkly Transport

The following Road Train with Dolly and 2 Trailers has just been announced and can be preordered now.

12014 Road Train $179

Preorder Now

Please include your phone number and state if you would like the additional trailer or not?


Livestock Road Train

Also available to preorder is the additional Trailer and Dolly.

12986 Additional Trailer $85

Bulls NT Express Freight Road Train

This is the latest announcement from Highway Replicas for a new 1:64 Road Train and Trailer.

Bulls NT Express Freight Road Train

12013 Freight Road Train, Prime Mover, Dolly and 2 Trailers $179

12987 Refrigerated Freight Trailer and Dolly $85

 Email Us  to place your preorders and please state if you also want the additional Trailer.

Phone number is essential.

Classic Carlectables August new announcements

The following models have just been announced and are available now to preorder.


1964 ATCC Holden EH S4 Special Brian Muir

1964 ATCC Holden EH S4 Special Brian Muir

18650 1:18 scale $250

Release scheduled for 1st quarter 2018.

Preorder Now 

Phone number required please.

Features include opening doors and bonnet.

Lakeside’s proximity to Brisbane ensured a large crowd and the race appeared wide open with many possible contenders. On race day, Brian Muir’s Eh S4 had tough competition from Bob Jane and Norm Beechey but he managed to stay with the lead pack. By late race he was in the lead and looked like he had a chance, but a bad pit stop cost Muir two laps and his chance of victory. He was forced to settle for 7th place.

The S4 had a unique 55 litre fuel tank. This car also had racing exhaust and wider Michelin ‘X’ series tyres.


Livestock Road Train

Livestock Road Train

12007 1:64 scale Prime Mover, Dolly and 2 Livestock Trailers. $169.00

12993 1:64 scale Trailer with Dolly $79

Scheduled for release 4th quarter 2017

Preorder Now

Please state if you want the extra trailer with Dolly.